Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration
PubMatic Intergration $ 2500.00
  • PubMatic allows buyers maximum flexibility when choosing how to access our premium and exclusive inventory opportunities using OpenX services.
  • Our technology provides easy access to the inventory and audiences that premium brands with OpenX.
  • Ways to access our premium publishers include :

    • Real-Time Bidding API integration
    • Private Marketplaces
    • Spot Buys


In order to use this Pubmatic as SSP in Revive/OpenX Adserver, you need to have our SSP plugin.

Smaato Intergration $ 2500.00
  • Smaato the leading mobile supply side platform and mobile ad exchange.
  • Smaato is one of the leading mobile advertising agencies which provide access to high-quality bidding exchanges. It allows each one of its user to utilize more than eighty thousand publishers worldwide. The Smaato integration helps the user to ensure whether they are using the high quality publisher or advertiser in their system. Smaato along with OpenX SSP plug-in provides top notch clarity to its users and with its advantage they can easily reach their customers worldwide.
  • The portal provided by us helps the user to access best quality testing tools and quality assurance systems for testing their advertisements. With the help of these tools, the user can combine and establish their inventory within minimal duration and access the developers worldwide. We provide a special portal for data analysis that helps the user in the real time mobile bidding; the portal has a number of tools which has the list of following advantages.
  • Features :

    • Mobile RTB Exchange
    • Once Revive Adserver integrated with Smaato, all the internal revive advertiser ads are delivered by Smaato publishers.
    • There will be an ad request received from Smaato to Revive Adserver ping url, based on the bid request and other additional request parameters like category, ad type etc.., revive Adserver gave response to Smaato request.
    • Whenever our bid response wins the auction, Smaato will send the win notification message to the revive ad server. Based on the notification, stats will be stored in Revive ad server database.
    • Once the third party publishers delivered the ads, all the stats details and bid win details are stored in Revive Adserver database.
    • Revive ad server will have a separate UI to display the statistics of the Smaato Win / Loose bid information.
    • All the bid request and response has been processed in open RTB standard API.


In order to use this Smaato as SSP in Revive/OpenX Adserver, you need to have our SSP plugin.

Axonix Intergration $ 2500.00
  • Axonix is one of the leading open RTB standard DSP solutions for Revive Adserver. Once Axonix DSP integrated with Revive/OpenX Adserver, advertisers ads will be delivered to third party premium publishers.
  • Based on third party publisher’s bid request, higher bidder ads will send as response in Json formats and this ads will get delivered in third party publishers website also bid win transaction details are stored in your Revive/OpenX Adserver database.
  • Features :

    • It works with all mobile standard ad formats.
    • Whole network transactions are more secure and transparent.
    • It is an open RTB supported network for mobile ad exchange.
    • Rich Media Ad Formats
    • Especially monitor the anti fraud system for 24/7.


In order to use this Axonix as DSP in Revive/OpenX Adserver, you need to have our DSP plugin.

Google Adx Intergration $ 2500.00
  • Google Adx is a Third Party Ad exchanger, which will assist you to deliver the ads in third party publishers to increase the performance of Revive/OpenX Adserver. Once Google Adx DSP integrates with Revive/OpenX Adserver, it can directly connect with Google adwords premium publisher.
  • Once Google Adx integrates as DSP in Revive Adserver, the ads are prevents from malware spam traffic and also it prevent anti fraud impressions. It globally supports mobile web and mobile app with leading google adwords premium publishers.
  • Features :

    • It connects your inventory with billions of publishers.
    • Prevents from anti fraud events and protect your data very safe.
    • It connects you with cross screen platforms like mobile web browsers and mobile app.
    • It works with open RTB standard to exchange the inventory.


In order to use this Google Adx as DSP in Revive/OpenX Adserver, you need to have our DSP plugin.

Inmobi Intergration $ 2500.00
  • Inmobi is one of the SSP solutions Revive/OpenX Adserver, who are all looking to buy inventory from third party ad exchanges. Through this ad exchange, publishers can connect with open RTB standard with billions if global advertisers inventory. It was specially designed for mobile ads in mobile web browsers and mobile app.
  • Once send an ad request from Inmobi SSP, the higher bidder matching ads will get response from third party advertisers. Once the ads get delivered appropriate stats report has been generated in Revive/OpenX database.
  • Through this SSP solution, your publisher deliver’s the third party high quality ads and earn more revenue for their network.
  • Features :

    • It is an open RTB standard solution for buyers.
    • Target the correct audience with advanced tracking parameters.
    • Connect your inventory with billions of third party advertisers


In order to use this Inmobi as SSP in Revive/OpenX Adserver, you need to have our SSP plugin.

We provide different significant plug-ins that can be integrated with OpenX/Revive for added functionalities. We also provide different types of consulting according to Adserver users.