Frequently Asked Questions

How could help you? provides you all kinds of openx services such as installation, Upgrading to latest version, customizing the functionality according your requirement, providing consulting services and online traning for the user to taste complete benefits of openx.

What are the services will provide for you?

Openx services will provide you the openx installation, openx upgrade, openx customization, Providing plugins on user request, Online traning, Remote administration, general and technical consulting services.

Will help in providing online-training?

Yes. We will be providing online training and General consulting services about openx, working of openx and how to use openx efficiently. Follow the link more detail about openx consulting services.

How to upgrade the openx to latest version?

The openx administrator may find difficulties in upgrading OpenX, he/she may get server problems. So you dont have to waste your time in upgrading it and face the problems while upgrading. We require only your FTP details and your database details to upgrade OpenX for you. Follow the link for more detail about openx upgrade services.

Can I customize the openx accordingly with my desired UI?

Yes. We will customize openx according to requirement similar to for website template and provide the signup part from your site. We also provide the billing system for openx with several features to automate the Billing process. To know more about our customization services follow the link.

Who are advertisers?

Advertisers are those who look for ad space to place their ads.

Who are admanagers?

Admanagers are the site owners who place the banners in their site for direct advertisement. Admanagers can have a group of sites where he can manage the ads using openx. We provide the beneficial admanager packages with offer prices. Follow the link to view admanager packages.

Can we create an ad network with openx?

Sure. It is possible to create an ad network with OpenX, which you function as the ad server to publishers and advertisers. We provide several packages for the openx adnetwork functionalities.

How the functionality of billing is automated in openx?

Billing System Customization we provide the billing functionalities that helps the adminstrator to manage the Advertisers and Publishers payment details. Follow the link to view the details about our billing functionalities.

How can we help you in installing openx?

For new OpenX users, We extensively work on installing OpenX software along with some best plug-ins to meet clients need.

How can we help you in upgrading openx?

For OpenX users, We provide services to users of all past OpenX versions get up and running to the latest version.

How do we provide consulting services to you?

We provide different levels of consulting services according to Adserver users. We offer training, general and technical consulting, trouble shooting, disaster recovery services and remote administration.

How will we help you in recovering the data in case of disaster?

The records are the key value of your revenue and so it is necessary to take care of your records. If your statistics is not working, then the number of clicks and impressions are not stored. In these kinds of problem, we recover the disaster with high priority.

Do we provide remote Administration for you OpenX?

We manage your adserver and provide technical assistance on the requirement on the Monthly payment basis.

Can publisher view his revenue through in openx?

We provide the billing system with publisher user interface for his revenue where he can view his revenue.

How to optimize the openx?

We provide optimization and turning services for your adserver through which you can increase the efficiency of your delivery engine. This service is provided as one time payment service.